In attendance: @WHOI Katie, Becca, Julie, Emily, Sarah, Ellie, Lea; @MIT Anna, Guy

  1. ODGE Form, next call
    1. Emily made an awesome Google form. It will be accessible online and will be e-mailed to students.
    2. Next round of applications are due on June 1
    3. Julie will send an e-mail with the info and include the form in the new rules.
  2. YOU-I Fund
    1. Discussion about how to administer the YOU-OI Form. Because we are accountable to Ronni’s office at MIT we want some documentation of project so thte information can be easily compiled and sent to MIT.
    2. Possible uses of funds suggest. Must be spent by June 30th! Let’s get input from student body!
  3. Incoming Students
    1. We would like to announce the incoming students but need to respect the privacy of some of their info. Therefore, a general list of numbers of studnets will be sent to current JP.
    2. June 9th is first day they can check in. Last day check in July 7th.
    3. Main orientation is July 10th
    4. Discussion of BBQ for incoming students (2nd years are in charge)
  4. WHOI Summer Picnic—19th of July
    1. Lea Reserves Field, coolers, BBQs, etc.; Sarah Point Person; discussion of how to proceed with ticketing.
  5. T-Shirts
    1. Julie encountered a number of JP Alums who want MIT-WHOI JP Swag; incoming students may also be interested.
    2. We will offer new and old designs and open up a new competition.
  6. JP student Handbook –is online but is it obsolete?
    1. On website—last time updated 2007
    2. Maybe this can be added to YaWHOI or replaced by YaWHOI
    3. Becca will check it out and look over it; Ellie can help with additional stuff
  7. Steinbach Scholars
    1. Two institution Talks for Wally Broecker (b/c at large)
    2. Discussion of costs and logistics.
  8. Public Service Center Meeting—Katie recap
    1. MIT’s PSC will fund a wide variety of projects that relate to community service/bettering community. Not site-specific, not event-specific.
    2. Katie will get weekly digest of community service info and will send pertinent info to student body.
    3. Can help to fund field work in places if you do community service as well.
    4. 2 major rounds of funding for large items and some continuous rolling
    5. Could be great to use for more events at Two Ponds Conservation Area.
    6. Discussion of if the service liaison should cycle through different reps or if it should remain constant (currently Katie).
  9. Julie met with Jim about Sexual Harassment and assault
    1. Further developments about how to share information with students about these issues. Progress is being made and materials will hopefully be available soon.
  10. Off the Charts—event recap (“Science on the Hill”)
    1. Good event! Good turn out and discussion.
    2. Next one_ New kids on block?